Smart H Bridge Driver, Brushed Motor Driver, Motor Controler, Speed Control, ESC DC, 8-40V, 60A Max.

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  • Multi Interface: PWM/Dir, PWM Bi-direction, Analog/Dir, Analog Bi-Direction, Uart-Network, PPM signal (ESC Independent Or Mixed)
  • Multi Protection: Under voltage, Over voltage, Over temperature, Over Current
  • Accer, Decelerater Feature. Soft Limit Left and Right Feature
  • Single power operation, Current Feedback
  • Continuous Current 20A, 60A Max.

The driver is H-Bridge Driver which is designed to control a brushed DC motor about the Velocity, Direction... The Motor is controlled by MOSFETs with 16 Khz switching to optimum performance and noise.

The driver is a Smart H-Bridge Driver which supports the Acceleration/Deceleration feature. It will reduce a sudden changing of velocity. They will protect the mechanical and electrical in many cases…It will useful for many applications.

The driver also supports two Electric Current Home Sensor inside to limit the moving left and right. The user doesn’t need to add more extended limit switches. This driver will monitor the current when the Motor running, if the current of the Motor same as with the iLimit (iLimit is a current limit setting by a potentiometer in PCB), the driver will set a Touched Flag and stop moving in that direction. To move, the driver needs control by reverse direction or the Touched Flag need to be clear.

The driver supports many protection methods such as Under voltage, Over voltage, Over temperature, Over Current. These protecting features are very important witch help to keep the protection system.

Special, The Smart H-bridge support all most common communication methods. The user is easy to choose that method by the Dip Switch in Pcb:


PWM Bi-direction


Analog Bi-Direction


PPM signal (RC).

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