TMotor UAV Brushless Motor MN505-S KV320

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Manufacturer #: MN505-S KV320

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  • TMotor UAV Brushless Motor MN505-S KV320
  • Offers strong power and long service life
  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Anti-high temperature and Anti-overload
  • Dust-resistance, Waterproof, and Anti-corrosion
  • Rated: IP45

The TMotor UAV Brushless Motor MN505-S KV320 provides a centrifugal fan design of a bell cap that actively cools the motor. Heat dissipation performs 10% better than ordinary motors. Manual winding with special varnished wires of high-temperature resistance. Magnets of high-temperature resistance are employed for motor heat and overload resistance.

Grid-shaped structure of the bell cap allows efficient, ventilation while protecting motors from dust and other debris; Keeps the motor away from > 1 mm foreign objects even when motors are mounted upside down.

Special Alloy shaft, customized bearing. Special varnished wires, silicon steel sheets, magnets, and bells are treated with the latest anti-rust and anti-corrosion technology. It grants the motor parts remarkable protection.

Safe flying with MN505S: T shape shaft secured with a circlip and a screw ensures safety and reliability under high RPM and power without rotor looseness.

TMotor UAV Brushless Motor MN505-S KV320 - Click to Enlarge

Big thrust, long lifespan: MN505S uses a 6 mm steel shaft and 15 mm big bearing which renders outstanding impact resistance stability and lifetime.

TMotor UAV Brushless Motor MN505-S KV320 - Click to Enlarge

Performance Optimization: Anti-high temperature curved magnets with precise tolerance control and rational magnet space for optimal motor magnetic circuit help improve motor performance by 5%+.

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