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Magnetic Sensors / Compass

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  • Parallax 3-Axis HMC5883L Compass Module
    Good Sensor to determine the heading
    Review by lmcdima
    Hello, using this module to determine heading for a boat autopilot.
    Interfacing with Arduino.
    Documentation also available on line under Parallax the company producing the board.
    Works as expected and no negative remarks until now
    (Posted on 6/10/14)
  • Devantech CMPS03 Magnetic Compass Module
    Devantech Magnetic Compass Module CMPS03
    Review by OFK_Tech
    These devices measure the earth’s magnetic field in 2 axis and can give orientation. Calibration is a big challenge on FRC robot projects.
    Ferrous metals and magnets in parts of robot will affect the compass. You need to calibrate them against these affects with a desirable margin of errors.
    -The compass has 2 axis. If there is any tilt the reading will be way off.
    -This compass does not output an analog voltage.
    -The rise and fall time is fast
    -The ADC in the robot controller works fast enough
    -Byte values can be read over an I2C bus.
    (Posted on 4/30/14)
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Basics: How Do I Choose Appropriate Sensors?

Posted on February 06, 2012

By Coleman Benson & filled under Industry, Where to Start.

For a robot to react to its environment, it must first obtain information about its surroundings. Robots are not limited to just sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Robots can not only sense but give accurate values for a variety of environmental factors that humans are otherwise unaware of or incapable of doing.  Measure Distance [...]
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How to Make a Robot – Lesson 7: Using Sensors

Posted on April 04, 2011

By Carlos Asmat & filled under How To Make a Robot.

Lessons Menu: Lesson 1 – Getting Started Lesson 2 - Choosing a Robotic Platform Lesson 3 - Making Sense of Actuators Lesson 4 - Understanding Microcontrollers Lesson 5 - Choosing a Motor Controller Lesson 6 – Controlling your Robot Lesson 7 - Using Sensors Lesson 8 - Getting the Right Tools Lesson 9 - Assembling a Robot Lesson 10 - Programming a Robot Unlike humans, robots [...]
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... be able to use a gyro sensor for that: gyro sensors drift with time, so you'll end up having ... Instead, I would recommend using a compass module like this one: * http://www.robotshop.com/en/lsm303d-3-axis-accelerometer-compass.html?product-code=RB-Pol-230 ... though, because the compass sensor can get magnetic ...
2014-10-03 13:43 by jarcand
... would be quite expensive. Would the 3axis compass be a good substitute ? I read a lot of articles ... of materials which could interfer with the magnetic sensors, the robot it-self contains two batteries, motors, ...
2013-04-10 02:28 by leclercb
... the others). The way around this is to use a compass; this would ensure the robot turned a specific ... tilt compensation. http://www.robotshop.com/magnetic-sensors-compass.html
2013-03-25 12:12 by CBenson
Hello Prasad and sorry for the late answer.

You can find the magnetic tape here: http://www.robotshop.com/ProductInfo.aspx?pc=RB-Nto-04

The magnetic sensors can be found here: http://www.robotshop.com/magnetic-sensors-compass.html
2012-09-27 11:03 by Carlitos
... Series" on GoRobotics.net which will be about sensors. Since you are new to electronics, we suggest ... even more functionality, consider an onboard magnetic compass . If you want to denote boundaries, add a custom ...
2011-02-10 10:10 by CBenson
... You would connect the additional sensors to the included mini breadboards. There ... as well. Consider the Parallax Hitachi Compass module . You can mount an infrared and/or ... rudimentary measure of distance by including a magnetic sensor on the frame and a small magnet ...
2009-09-17 13:44 by CBenson
... arduino mega (which would be more suitable?) Sensors: 3axis accelerometer 2x gyro(for pitch & roll sensing) Magnetic compass for yaw sensing GPS sensor Sensor for heli rotor RPM ...
2009-04-23 03:51 by petch
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