Kit de Auto Inteligente con WiFi RaspTank para Raspberry Pi de Adeept

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  • Kit de Auto Inteligente con WiFi RaspTank para Raspberry Pi de Adeept
  • Plataforma de robot móvil rastrero basada en Raspberry Pi
  • Equipado con un brazo robótico de 4 DOF
  • Fácil de montar y programar
  • Compatible con RPi 4/3B/3B+/2B/2B+
  • Raspberry Pi NO incluida

El Kit de Auto Inteligente con WiFi RaspTank para Raspberry Pi de Adeept es una plataforma de robot móvil rastrera basada en Raspberry Pi, está equipado con un brazo robótico 4-DOF que puede agarrar objetos pequeños. RaspTank está diseñado para principiantes y profesionales para aprender inteligencia artificial, robótica, programación y electrónica. Un manual en PDF de 73 páginas con ilustraciones le enseña a ensamblar su robot RaspTank paso a paso; Se proporciona un código Python fácil de entender, con un práctico programa GUI (compatible con los sistemas operativos Windows y Linux).

Kit de Auto Inteligente con WiFi RaspTank para Raspberry Pi de Adeept


  • Reconocimiento de objetos, seguimiento, detección de movimiento: basado en OpenCV
  • Seguimiento de línea: basado en la reflexión infrarroja
  • Arquitectura C/S: se puede controlar de forma remota mediante la aplicación GUI en la PC
  • LED RGB WS2812: puede cambiar una variedad de colores
  • Transmisión de video en tiempo real

Nota: Necesita 2x18650 baterías (NO incluidas)

Kit de Auto Inteligente con WiFi RaspTank para Raspberry Pi de Adeept

  • 1x Juego de placas de acrílico
  • 1x HAT de Motor V2.0 Adeept
  • 1x Cámara Raspberry Pi (con cable)
  • 1x Módulo de sensor ultrasónico
  • 4x Módulo LED RGB Adeept WS2812
  • 1x Módulo de seguimiento de línea de 3 canales Adeept
  • 5x Servo
  • 2x Motorreductor
  • 2x Juego de soportes de motor
  • 2x Pista
  • 1x Soporte de batería
  • 1x Llave de tubo cruzado
  • 2x Destornillador cruzado (pequeño y grande)
  • 1x Llave hexagonal de 2 mm
  • 1x Tubería

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Not worth it

The software that operates the tank is not compatible with python 3 which is the current standard. Don't bother buying this product.


Spent most of a night trying to get the software to actually work to no avail. had nothing but running errors that appear to be bad code in the files they have you use. I will most likely figure out a way to use a Arduino and make use out of the other parts. Comment RobotShop: We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your kit. We recommend contacting the manufacturer directly to assist you with this issue: [****]

Hard to build, but cool

Okay kids, grab a pair of tweezers, a big rubber band, your Xanax / CBD Oil or whatever it is that enhances your calm and patience. Also make sure you have a full day to assemble from hundreds of pieces. The design is painful from a build perspective and it will take you a while before you get to the fun, let’s-actually-play-with the robot part of this. It will probably also take you several tries before you figure out how to get the wiring all organized. Note that while this does include 2 16550 LiIon batteries, they provide no charger or means of charging them in vehicle :/. The battery clips are awful. The instructions say to “fix” a provided piece of ribbon to each battery without saying how or how to keep the extruding ribbon from being caught in the wheels or track. There is room on the top to strap a LiIon RC battery pack like this Also be careful when extending the arm to it’s limit, the wire for the pincher servo isn’t quite long enough. I ended up leaving out the LED side lamps pieces to make enough room for the vertically (why?) mounted Pi + motor hat + wiring. The space in there is really tight even with the 6 or 8 extra millimeters

Have a lot of fun riding it.

The robot is amazing when it comes to assembling it, it requires great care and a step by step that is not always intuitive, you must follow the official PDF guide to assemble it and in my case I had to assemble and disassemble it a few times. I see a small thing to improve for future review the lizards and wheels of the tank the screws tend to come off by themselves in the wheels when the thread rolls it is necessary before each use in progress to check that they are tight because it can happen that they are loose and that will make the tank not move well. In everything else, I highly recommend it for the youngest, mounting it with an adult will certainly be a great feat and an unforgettable moment, in my case I use it as a robot and then you can use it as a PC, it is a fact to take into account if you don't use it as a robot you have it plugged into a monitor and through raspbian you have a whole GNU/Linux desktop. Impressive, it does not disappoint and it is a 5-star product.

Fun and well designed

the kit is easy to assemble thanks to the very well designed assembly tutorial. the robot works fine with a Pi 4B 1GB. just a compatibility problem with the ws281x library for this version of the PI, quickly resolved by the technical support who gave the explanations and the necessary workaround while waiting for the release taking this version of the PI into account. Everything is of excellent quality, I am very happy with this product which deserves its 5 stars.

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