Robot Solar Espumadera Inteligente para Piscina Solar Breeze NX

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  • Recolección automática de residuos
  • Distribuye desinfectante
  • Sin energía de la red
  • Revoluciona la limpieza de piscinas de una manera inteligente, simple y sostenible

El Robot Solar Espumadera Inteligente para Piscina Solar Breeze NX revoluciona la limpieza de piscinas de una manera inteligente, simple y sostenible.

Las piscinas acumulan hojas, polvo, polen y otros residuos durante todo el día. Los desechos generalmente flotan durante 3-4 horas antes de que se descomponga y se hunda en el fondo. Para entonces, ya ha producido las bacterias que alimentan el crecimiento de algas en su piscina. Al utilizar robótica avanzada, el Solar-Breeze navega de manera inteligente por su piscina, eliminando la suciedad y los desechos de la superficie, antes de que los desechos tengan la oportunidad de producir bacterias y se hundan en el fondo.

El Solar-Breeze NX NO depende de la energía de la red. A diferencia de otros sistemas de limpieza de piscinas no tiene enchufes, sin cables, ni mangueras, y funciona tanto si la bomba de la piscina está funcionando como si no. Usando energía solar gratuita, el robot limpia continuamente la superficie de la piscina durante todo el día. Durante este tiempo, el exceso de energía se almacena en una batería recargable de iones de litio, que alimenta la unidad hasta altas horas de la noche.

Robot Solar Espumadera Inteligente para Piscina Solar Breeze NX - Haga clic para ampliar

El Solar-Breeze NX también puede distribuir desinfectante desde su dispensador incorporado mientras limpia la superficie de su piscina, ayudando a mantener su piscina higiénica y lista para nadar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Solar-Breeze NX Works Well

First, I must say kudos to RobotShop for shipping my SBNX ahead of the estimated availability date. Though it did exactly what was advertised, I noticed a couple of things within a few days: 1) the SBNX would move for 30 seconds in the forward direction and go into reverse for 40 seconds 2) the reverse mode was actually stand-in-place paddling and barely changing direction. I contacted Solar Breeze Customer Service and sent a couple of 5-minute videos showing the unit with my pool pump in on and off modes. Solar Breeze immediately shipped a new unit and provided a shipper to send the other unit back. The new unit works perfectly; that is, it runs for over three minutes in the forward direction; in the reverse mode it actually moves a foot or two, depending on surrounding water movement. I also noticed the new unit runs about three hours longer after the sun sets than the first one did. One other thing I noticed, within five minutes of putting the original unit into the water, was that when it got to my skimmer, the unit would inside the skimmer and could not pull itself out. Solar Breeze recommended increasing the water level by about an inch so the wheels would catch the coping. That would work except that when I clean my attached spa, and I turn on its drain, the water level rises in the pool about an inch and a half, and if I raised the pool level as recommended, the water would reach the coping when I clean the spa. I opted for a piece of gorilla tape across the skimmer's opening so it acts as a track that catches the SBNX wheels. I'll just have to periodically change the tape. I did quite a bit of research prior to buying the SBNX. I was a bit concerned about several negative comments posted concerning Solar Breeze Customer Service. My experience turned out to be quite positive. Overall the SBNX works great and it saves me a lot of daily work and the surface of my pool remains quite clean all day long. Its benefits certainly justify its price.

Very nice, but not durable.

This was an excellent robot for the time it lasted. I bought the Solar Breeze in 2012 In 2014, the white plastic casing (PVC?) started to become slightly brittle a few places. by 2016, it was so brittle that that edges just broke down when trying to pick it up (it was stored inside, in the garage, for the winter). Over time, it was holding its charge less and less. By 2016, it was not even recharging. So, it's a nice robot, doing as advertised and as described in other reviews. But it barely lasted me 3 summers, so it's not a good value.

Rhett and Dianne
Love our robot!

The " NX" is the best invention since slice bread! It has save our arms from skimming so frequently, saved our old filter and extended the life of our other pool robot. It collects absolutely everything (found a mouse in it the other day). Our property is so heavily treed, hat it was a constant battle to keep clean. Now we wake up in the morning to a pristine pool. The "NX" which we have named Ms. Breezy was a godsend. We also want to praise the excellent customer service when we ordered. Thanks a bunch!

Beyond Awesome!

I am so happy to have found this amazing product. My pool actually sparkles now. And I can stop doing the breast stroke to plow through the bugs. They're gone!! It keeps the skimmer clean and stops the majority of the dirt from falling to the bottom of the pool. My only worry is that the battery will have to be replaced eventually and I don't know where I can take it to have that done. But I love this little machine so much, I'd be willing just to buy a new one.

Good, but ....

Performs as expected when it's sunny out. But if you live in a heavily treed area and it's overcast weather, the Breeze will struggle to perform and will be in hunt for sun mode quite frequently. An alternative method to charge the batteries would make this product outstanding.

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