E3D Official Silicone Sock For V6 Heater Block 23mm - 3 Pack

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  • High temperature non-stick silicone material
  • Helps keep heater block and nozzle clean
  • Improves temperature stability
  • Made for E3D V6 hot ends
  • Easy installation and snug fit

The Official E3D Silicone Socks for V6 Heater Block are a key upgrade to improve cleanliness and temperature control in 3D printing. These socks are made from a heat-resistant, non-stick silicone material, ensuring that molten plastic does not stick to the heater block or nozzle. This attribute is especially beneficial when printing with materials prone to oozing or stringing. Featuring an improved design, the socks fit snugly onto the heater block, providing enhanced temperature stability that's crucial for high-quality print results. With a subtle blue shade and embossed with the E3D logo, these socks not only work efficiently but also add a touch of style to your 3D printer setup.

3x E3D Silicone Sock for V6 Heater Block
For Heat block dimensions; Length = 23mm Width = 16mm Height = 11.75mm
Material: High-temperature silicone, Compatibility: E3D V6 hot ends, Quantity: 3 pack

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