uvFreshr Pod UVC Disinfection Light Box | 99.99999% Disinfection Lab Tested | All Round Disinfection of Contents

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  • uvFreshr Pod emits 253.7 nm ultraviolet UVC germicidal light to kill 99.99999% of bacteria & viruses within 190 cu. in. usable volume at recommended Exposure time.
  • Lab Tested: uvFreshr Pod reduced 99.99999% E.coli & S.aureus from direct UVC Exposure for 15 min. Other results may vary with conditions.
  • UV sanitizer box – makeup brushes, eye curler, makeup blender, tweezers, epilator, jewelry, phone, gaming console, headphones, remote, wallet, keys, toys, electronics, socks, cash & more!
  • Programmable: Set 5 min Timer to disinfect item top and sides. Set 10 or 15 min Timers to disinfect top, bottom and sides of item(s). Charge 1x/week with provided USB-C Charging Cable.
  • UVC mirrors inside reflect UVC providing all round disinfection. Travel size. Genuine leather strap. Smart safety sensor turns UVC off if lid turned upwards to protect you from UV light

About uvFreshr:

The uvFreshr brand is a line of UVC disinfection lights that kill / inactivate over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on any exposed surface and has been lab tested with E.coli and S.aureus at the University of Guelph, Canada. Depending on the conditions of use, all uvFreshr UVC lights had a log reduction that met or exceeded the 6 log reduction required by FDA for device disinfectants. The smallest UVC light, uvFreshr Mini, was additionally observed to deliver a peak UVC dose within certain conditions of use that can be reasonably expected to reduce 99.9% SARS-COV2, based on an analyses of past coronavirus studies. The larger uvFreshr Germ has a longer range of effectiveness. The third UVC disinfection light, uvFreshr Pod is a portable box with a leather strap that provides an all round disinfection of its contents through the use of reflective plates in the uvFreshr Pod.

uvFreshr UVC lights are programmable, convenient, travel size, re-chargeable and have in built safety sensors. Just light it and leave it. Set it to shine at night when asleep. Disinfect your laptop, phone, remote, desk, headphones, keys, car surfaces, kitchen/bathroom cabinets & countertops, tools, makeup brushes, pillow, beds, drawers, closets, shoes, toys, gaming and gym equipment, coffee mug handles, and more. Ideal for travel, take uvFreshr on the go.

Many chemicals in disinfectants are toxic to health, trigger asthma, allergies, other skin or respiratory conditions; may be cancer inducing carcinogens, and adversely impact other wildlife. However, uvFreshr UVC disinfection lights include no chemicals and are your green solution to disinfecting surfaces and air. All uvFreshr UVC lights are pesticidal devices with establishments registered with US EPA.

CAUTION: Do not expose UV light to skin and eyes as this is dangerous to health.

Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, EPA Est. Registered

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