Dual Channel Motor Driver ESC DC Motor Controller Speed Control 8-30V 50A/Channel

Manufacturer #: CCS_2xSHB50A

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  • Dual H-bridge channels, one on/off channel, support for working with RC independently or in mixed mode
  • Multiple protections, including under-voltage, over-voltage, over-temperature, over-current, and voltage clamp
  • Acceleration and deceleration features, as well as soft limit left and right features
  • Communication support for PWM/Dir, PWM bi-direction, analog/Dir, analog bi-direction, UART network, and PPM signal
  • Continuous current of 50A, with a maximum of 100A and 1400W per channel, and single power operation

The Dual Channel Motor Driver ESC DC Motor Controller Speed Control 8 30V 50A/Channel is designed to control two brushed motors with regards to velocity, direction, acceleration, and deceleration. It also has a Voltage Clamp Feature that discharges energy via an external resistor to protect the power supply in the event of an unexpected voltage increase. It also supports a third channel which can be used to activate brakes, open relays, and can be controlled via a RC signal or digital input.

The driver also supports two electric current home sensors inside to limit the moving left and right, thus eliminating the need for additional limit switches. It monitors the current when the motor is running and if the current of the motor is equal to the iLimit (which is a current limit set by a potentiometer on the PCB), the driver will set a Touched Flag and stop moving in that direction. To move again, the driver needs to be controlled in the reverse direction or the Touched Flag needs to be cleared.

The driver is also equipped with several protection methods such as under voltage, over voltage, over temperature, and over current, which are essential for ensuring system safety. It supports various types of communication, including PWM/Dir, PWM Bi Direction, Analog/Dir, Analog Bi Direction, UART, and PPM signal (RC).

1x Cable 10 pins

1x Controller

10 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm

Two H-bridge Channels

One Digital On/Off Channel (Activate a Brake, On/Off Relay...)

Power Supply 8-30 VDC

50 A Continuous Current, 100 A Maximum per Channel

Power Maximum 2 x 1400 W per Driver

Bidirectional Velocity of a Brushed Motor

Support Acceleration and Deceleration

Soft Limit Left and Right, Current Feedback

Two Buttons Quick Test and Reset

Communication Methods: PWM/Dir, PWM Bidirectional, Analog/Dir, Analog Bidirectional, UART, PPM Signal

Protection: Undervoltage, Overvoltage, Over Temperature, Overcurrent, Voltage Clamp

No Polarity Protection for V Motor.

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