Dagu Robot PCF8574T IO IIC Expansion Module

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  • PCF8574T IO IIC Expansion Module Sensor Module by Dagu Robot
  • Includes an 8-bit quasi-bidirectional port
  • Working voltage: 3.3 V ~ 5 V
  • Output type: IIC
  • IIC address: 3 hardware address pins can have 8 addresses
  • Interface mode: pH2.0 ~ 4P

The Dagu Robot PCF8574T IO IIC Expansion Module Sensor Module is a CMOS circuit, which can realize the remote I / O expansion of most MCU through two bidirectional buses. The device includes an 8-bit quasi-bidirectional port ("quasi" means "basically", that is, "quasi bidirectional port") is not a real bidirectional port. Therefore, the real two-way port and a bus interface (the connection circuit between the device connected on the bus and the bus is called the bus interface) are the ones with direction judgment.

The current consumption of PCF8574T is very low, and the output is locked. It has the ability of high current driving and can drive led directly. It also has an interrupt connection which can be connected with the interrupt logic of the MCU. When the interrupt signal is sent through int, the remote I / O port does not need to pass the bus communication to inform MCU whether there is data input from the port. This means that PCF8574T can be used as a single controller.

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