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  • Best "all in one" shield for small mobile robots
  • Onboard L298, 2A dual motor controller
  • Includes voltage regulator and 3.7V LiPo charger
  • XBee headers, IR receiver and On/Off switch
  • Arduino shield-compatible microcontroller sold separately

The DFRobotShop Rover Mobile Robot Shield is the ideal "all in one" shield for small, Arduino based mobile robot development. The shield allows you to power your Arduino (and the robot) using a 3.7V LiPo battery (sold separately) and even has a 3.7V LiPo charger onboard, allowing you to charge the battery via USB. The onboard L298P Hbridge (dual 2A brushed DC motor controller) is perfect for controlling two small, low voltage gear motors such as those offered by Tamiya, and allows for full control over speed and direction of each motor. Additional features include a universal IR receiver, XBee headers and analog pins broken out (for easy connection to sensors). The shield is designed to be used with a shield compatible microcontroller such as the Arduino Duemilanove / Uno (sold separately).

DFRobotShop Rover Mobile Robot Shield- Click to Enlarge

We do not suggest using the shield with a breadboard or with other shield compatible microcontrollers which may not have the same pinout or voltage as a standard Arduino. When stacking multiple shields, or when using the shield with an Arduino based board which has additional built-in features, be sure to check the pins which are used, as some may interfere with one another.

DFRobotShop Rover Mobile Robot Shield- Click to Enlarge


  • Dual DC motor controller (3.5 to 9V and up to 2A per channel)
  • Onboard voltage regulator (allows the robot to be powered using one 3.7V battery)
  • 3.7V LiPo battery charger (via micro USB connector)
  • XBee headers (fore use with XBee or other wireless device)
  • 38Khz Universal IR receiver (~10m unobstructed range)
  • On/Off switch & reset button
  • 3pin analog headers (signal / 5V / GND)
  • Shield stacking headers



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