6V DC Coreless Motor, 22D * 30L, 5500 RPM

Manufacturer #: 2230CL-6

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  • Coil of high precision with unique design, lacking an iron core
  • Rare earth magnets of high performance, with a high power density
  • High torque, efficiency, and low noise, with a stable service life
  • Operation that is smooth and response that is swift
  • Temperature rise that is low, ensuring the stability of the motor

The 6V DC Coreless Motor, 22D * 30L, 5500 RPM from our company has outstanding characteristics of energy saving, control and driving, mainly including:

1. Energy saving characteristics: the energy conversion efficiency is very high, its working efficiency is generally more than 70%, and some products can reach more than 90% (iron core motors are generally 20-50%).

2. Control characteristics: rapid starting and braking, extremely fast response, mechanical time constant less than 28 milliseconds, and some products can reach less than 10 milliseconds (iron core motors are generally more than 100 milliseconds); Under the high speed operation condition in the recommended operation area, the speed can be adjusted sensitively and conveniently.

3. Driving characteristics: the operation stability is very reliable, and the fluctuation of speed is very small. As a micro motor, its speed fluctuation can be easily controlled within 2%.

In addition, the energy density of the coreless motor has been greatly improved, and its weight and volume are reduced by 1/3 to 1/2 compared with the iron core motor with the same power. All the technical features of this product series developed by our company have reached the same level as those of Maxon and Faulhaber. It is widely used in medical treatment, testing, handheld instruments, intelligent robots, precision automation, aerospace, extreme temperature instruments, industrial and mining operation equipment and other industries.

Motor: 22 mm in diameter and 30 mm in length

Shaft: 2 mm in diameter and 8.8 mm in length

Attached files

Model: 2230CL 6

Voltage: 6 V DC

No-load Speed: 5500 RPM

No-load Current: 0.04 A Maximum

Rated Torque: 30 g.cm

Rated Speed: 5000 RPM

Rated Current: 0.26 A Maximum

Rated Power: 1.4 Watts

Stall Torque: Greater than 300 g.cm

Stall Current: Less than 3.5 A

Starting Voltage: DC 0.5 V.

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