Hiwonder AiArm Vision Robot Arm Kit for Education Demonstration Support Scratch and Python

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  • AiArm is powered by self-developed controller, CoreX. It adopts high-performance intelligent servos and vision module, and can be programmed in Scratch and Python.
  • Integrating with sensors and modules, AiArm can execute a wide array of interesting functions, including Al face tracking fan, ultrasonic vision hunt and MP3 speech broadcast.
  • AiArm combines WonderCam vision module to recognize and locate target objects, enabling the implementation of AI applications like color sorting, waste sorting and face recognition.
  • Support Different Motion Control Methods including PC software control, offline control, or inverse kinematics control
  • e-learning materials: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oWBCHLSGf2UW_Dl-dHeH2TrqBaeGpMJj?usp=drive_link

AiArm vision robot arm kit is an educational demonstration robot kit integrating various Al elements. Featuring an AiArm robot arm, sensors, electronic modules and props, the robot kit offers a highly realistic simulation of real-world operational scenarios. This enables a vivid and direct demonstration of artificial intelligence, robot engineering, and multi-machine cooperation technologies.

- Creative Design

1) Al Vision Training AiArm is loaded with a WonderCam vision module that incorporates pre-built machine learning algorithms. By simply focusing the camera on the desired object, you can initiate one-click learning. This feature empowers your creative Al projects, such as color recognition and facial recognition.

2) PC Plastic, Exquisite Outlook

AiArm's main body is made of aluminum alloy and enveloped in PC plastic shells for a refined appearance.

3. Flexible Movement, Free Control

1) PC Software for Action Editing

AiArm employs ESP32 as its core controller, allowing you to edit the desired 

action group for robot arm using PC software.

- Rapid Setup

The robot kit provides abundant components, including a 10mm-thick base board, trash bins, a sensor box. With these resources at your disposal, constructing a waste sorting scenario becomes effortless.

- Flexible Movement, Free Control

1) PC Software for Action Editing

AiArm employs ESP32 as its core controller, allowing you to edit the desired action group for robot arm using PC software.

2) Offline Action Editing

AiArm has an offline programming button that enables you to design the action group for robot arm by manually moving robot arm.

3) Inverse Kinematics Control

Featuring pre-built inverse kinematics algorithm, AiArm's gripper can accurately reach a specific position specified by end effector coordinates.

- Vision Recognition, Target Tracking

AiArm is equipped with a WonderCam vision module, enabling it to perceive and locate target objects through a first-person-view perspective. This functionality empowers various Al applications, such as color sorting, waste sorting facial recognition and target tracking.

1) Color Recognition

When AiArm successfully identifies object's color, its controller will illuminate with the same color.

2) Color sorting

The robot arm will sort the blocks and place them in the correct area based on their color.

3) Tag Recognition

After recognizing the tag, the robot arm will accurately position the block to specific zone based on Tag ID.

4) Waste Sorting

Robot arm recognizes the information on the blocks using its camera, then delivers them to the appropriate trash bins based on their categories.

5) Facial Recognition

When robot arm detects a human face, the fan module initiates rotation.

6) Target Tracking

When robot arm identifies the target color, it will track the movement of the target.

- Unleash Your Creativity with Sensor Expansion

Integrating with sensors and modules, AiArm can execute a wide array of interesting functions, including Al face tracking fan, ultrasonic vision hunt, MP3 speech broadcast and dot matrix display.

1) AI Face Tracking Fan

Robot arm works with fan module to implement Al face tracking fan project.

2) Ultrasonic Vision Hunt

Robot arm can sort the blocks based on the distance measured by the ultrasonic sensor.

3) Dot Matrix Display

Display programming patterns on the dot matrix screen.

4) MP3 Broadcast

MP3 module broadcasts the recognized information, enabling human-robot interaction.

5) Mask Identification

Robot arm can detect whether people are wearing masks. Dot matrix display will show the corresponding expressions.

6) Bar Code Recognition

When WonderCam identifies a bar code within its field of view, dot matrix screen will show the corresponding number.

- Scratch&Python 2in1

AiArm robot kit can be programmed using Scratch and Python, which caters to users with varying levels of proficiency.

1) Scratch 3.0 Visual Programming

Scratch is a user-friendly and visually intuitive programming language. With Scratch, you can effortlessly drag and drop code blocks to program the robot

2) Python Programming

Visual programs can be seamlessly converted into Python code, providing an opportunity to learn advanced programming skills.

- Different Control Methods

1) App Control

2) Wireless Handle Control

3) Mouse Control

- Intelligent Serial Bus Servo Data Feedback

AiArm robot arm utilizes self-developed intelligent serial bus servos that offer robust force, precise rotation, clean wiring, and provide position and voltage feedback.

- Multi-functional Expandable Controller

CoreX controller is encapsulated within a protective shell and consists of five electronic modules, including a button, buzzer, sound module, RGB module, and an infrared receiver. Furthermore, it reserves several 4PIN ports for sensor expansion.

1*AiArm robot arm

1*WonderCam vision module

1*7.5V 7A DC 5.5*2.5 power adaptor

1*Base board set

1*Glowy ultrasonic module

1*Programmable MP3 module

1* LED dot matrix display

1*Fan module

1*Fan blade

1*Card reader

2*4PIN wires (50cm)

1*PS2 wirelss handle

4*Trash bin (blue/red/green/gray)

1*Waster card set (4*4cm)

4*Block (4*4cm)

3*Block (3*3cm)

3*Tag (3*3cm)

3*Colored blocks (red/green/blue;3*3cm)

1*USB cable

1*Double-sided tape (0.5*800cm)


1*Screw bag


Size: 285 * 162 * 440mm

Weight: 1.7kg

Material: Hard aluminium alloy + PC plastic

Camera: WonderCam vision module

Display: 2-inch IPS, 320 x 240 resolution, size: 41 * 31mm

DOF: 5+1

Power supply: 7.5V 7A DC 5.5*2.5 power adaptord.

Hardware: Corex controller

Software: PC software and WoderCode (Scratch and Python)

Servo model: LX-15D, HTD-20L and HX-06L serial bus servo

Control method: PC software

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