Hiwonder JetMax Pro JETSON NANO Robot Arm with Mecanum Wheel Chassis Support ROS Python

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  • Powered by Jetson Nano (included)
  • Open source and based on Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • Supports deep learning, model training, and inverse kinematics
  • Includes abundant sensors for function expansion
  • Changeable robot models with mecanum wheel chassis or sliding rail

The Hiwonder Jetmax Pro JETSON NANO Robot Arm w/ Mecanum Wheel Chassis & Ros/Python Supportoffers a delicate combination that helps to build intelligent picking and transferring scenarios. Through deep learning and AI vision, JetMax Pro can realize waste sorting, mask identification, object sorting, somatosensory control and many more advanced AI functions.

1. 360 Degrees Omni Directional Movement and Abundant AI Games

Equipped with four high performance encoder geared motors and four omni directional Mecanum wheels, JetMax Pro can realize 360 degrees movement. Its various movement modes (move forward, horizontally, diagonally, and rotate) and excellent performance make it capable of tackling complex routes.

1. App and Wireless Handle Control

Via the WonderAi App, users can control JetMax Pro at their fingertips and view the FPV image transmitted by the camera. Additionally, it can be controlled by a wireless handle without complex configuration.

2. Transfer and Sort

The camera mounted on the robot arm serves as JetMax Pros eye. It is able to follow a line while recognizing AprilTag blocks on the line. When recognizing an AprilTag, it will transfer the block to a specific position.

3. Fingertip Control

Based on the MediaPipe framework, JetMax Pro can recognize fingertip trajectories and then execute the corresponding task.

4. Target Tracking

JetMax Pro keeps detecting objects within its field of view. Once it finds the target, the chassis will be controlled by a PID algorithm to move and track the target.

2. Simulate Industry Automation Scenarios

Compatible with an electric sliding rail, the robot arms controller can directly control the stepper motor on the sliding rail to rotate and expand its reach. The travel distance of the sliding rail can also be calculated to ensure precise transferring, sorting, and stacking.

1. Wireless Handle Control

With the wireless handle, users can control the end effector on the robot arm, as well as control the sliding rail to move left or right, expanding the robot arms operation range.

2. Waste Sorting Workshop

By loading the trained models, the robot arm is able to recognize waste cards, then slide to transfer them to a specific sorting area.

3. Tag Sorting Workshop

Having recognized the AprilTag on the block, the robot arm slides a long distance to sort and stack the blocks.

Robot arm (including Jetson Nano board and camera, assembled) *1 12V 5A power adapter *1

Paper map *1

Block *6

Waste card *1 set

Number and alphabet card *1 set

Small gripper (with servo) *1

Big gripper (with servo) *1

Pen and holder *1 set

Electromagnetic suction cup *1

PS2 wireless handle *1

Fan module *1

Touch sensor *1

Glowy ultrasonic sensor *1

MP3 module *1

Dot Matrix module *1

Digital tube *1

Sensor bracket *1

Battery fixing plate and wheel chassis *1 set

DC geared encoder motors *1

4 channel motor driver *1

Mecanum wheels *4

11. 1V 6000mAh Lipo battery *1

12. 6V 2A charger *1 4PIN wires *1

Wheel couplings *4

Screw pack *1

Dimension (JetMax robot arm): 450 mm x 160 mm x 260 mm

Dimension (Mecanum wheel chassis): 297 mm x 260 mm x 100 mm

Jetmax Robot Arm

Axes: 4+1

Dimensions: 450*160*260mm

Weight (Only JetMax): 1.6kg

Payload: Maximum 450g

Ambient Temperature: 0 degrees C to 45 degrees C

Material: Aluminum, Fiberglass

Reach: R104 to R289x240 degrees

Repeatability: 1mm

Joint Speed: Maximum 0.20 seconds/60 degrees

End Effector: Suction Cup, Small Gripper, Big Gripper

Power Supply: 12V 5A DC Adapter

Connectivity: USB/Wi Fi/Ethernet

Controller: Jetson Nano B01

Storage: 32G Class 10 TF

Programming Tools: Python/C/C++/JavaScript

Control Methods: JetMax Panel/App/Wireless Handle

Mecanum Wheel Chassis

Size: 297*260*100mm

Weight: 1.9kg

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Working Voltage: 6 8V

Motor: 8V Encoder Geared Motor

Motor No Load Speed: 110RPM

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