Lightware SF11-C Laser Rangefinder (100m)

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  • Lightware SF11-C Laser Rangefinder (100m)
  • Features a very compact and lightweight - 35 grams - altimeter
  • Measures accurately on ground, foliage, and water
  • Comes fully calibrated and ready to run
  • Is ideal for automated landings, precision hovering and terrain following
  • Is compatible with Pixhawk, APM and other flight controllers

The Lightware SF11-C Laser Rangefinder (100m) is a long-range, light-weight, laser altimeter designed specifically for use on UAVs (multi-copter or fixed-wing). It is an essential addition to any unmanned aircraft that needs fast, accurate and reliable AGL altitude measurements.

The SF11 laser altimeter makes accurate distance measurements to solid surfaces up to an altitude of 100 meters and water up to 40 meters. Operating from a regulated 5 V DC supply, the SF11 includes analog, I2C and serial interfaces that can be easily connected to a Pixhawk flight controller or another standard processing platform.

Each interface on the SF11 can be configured using a simple software menu that is accessible through the built-in, micro USB port. Settings can also be changed in situ using the command sets available for the serial and I2C ports.

The SF11 works by measuring the time it takes for a very short flash of laser light to travel to the ground and back again. The accuracy of the measurement is not affected by the color or texture of the ground nor the angle of incidence of the laser beam.

The SF11 is virtually immune to background light, wind and noise making it the ideal AGL altimeter for all kinds of terrain.

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