M5Stack ATOMIC CANBus Base for ATOM Matrix, Lite & S3 Controllers

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  • ATOMIC CANBus Base (CA-IS3050G)
  • High-speed 1Mbps data transfer
  • Supports 110 nodes
  • Built-in electrical protection
  • Vehicle & security system ready

The ATOMIC CANBus Base (CA-IS3050G) is a CAN bus communication unit specifically designed for compatibility with the ATOM series controllers. It incorporates the CA-IS3050G transceiver solution and is equipped with a built-in DC-isolated power chip, which serves to effectively isolate interference and safeguard sensitive circuits. This device is particularly well-suited for use in vehicle transportation and security system applications.

With the capability to support up to 110 nodes, the communication bus of the ATOMIC CAN Base allows for exceptional scalability in extensive system setups. It boasts a signal transmission rate that reaches up to 1Mbps, ensuring high-speed and dependable data transfer.

In addition to its communication capabilities, the ATOMIC CAN Base is fortified with various electrical circuit protection measures. It is designed to handle a common-mode voltage range from -12V to +12V and is equipped with over-voltage protection, failure protection, and over-temperature protection. These protective features are crucial in defending against electromagnetic interference, overvoltage, current peaks, and other adverse conditions, thereby guaranteeing the stability and reliability of the communication signals.

Please note that the use of this device should adhere to the appropriate safety guidelines to prevent any potential hazards.

  • 1x ATOMIC CAN Base
  • 1x 3.96-4P terminal

  • 24 x 48 x 18 mm
  • Compatible with ATOM Matrix/ATOM Lite/ATOMS3 Lite
  • Supports CAN bus multipoint communication
  • Includes built-in isolation DC and protection function
  • Signal rates up to 1Mbps
  • External port: VH-3.96-4P
  • CAN transceiver type: CA-IS3050G
  • Maximum supported nodes: 110
  • Low loop delay: 150ns
  • Common mode voltage: -12V
  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C
  • Shell material: Plastic (PC)
  • Weight: 11.1 g

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