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  • Modular Design: Sufficient Modules Options, Each with Independent Function
  • Reconfigurable: Build with Creativity, Versatility in Seconds.
  • Desktop Size: Max 10 KG with Full Functions, Effortlessly Moved Around and Set Up for Demonstrations
  • Open-source and Compatiple with Multiple Languages: Provides APIs, Drivers, and Demos for Secondary Development using C/C++, Python, C#, or Java on Windows, Linux, ROS, or External Libraries.
  • Comprehensiveness: Full Robotics Basic Functionality, Preloaded with Various Forms of Robots: Industrial Robot, Bio-robot and Innovative Robot.

ModMi for Research: Education, Research, and Competitions. Modular, reconfigurable, and versatile. Supports multiple programming methods. Sensor integration and AI technology. Build your own robot systems. Enhance practical skills. Striving for excellence in robotics.

3* I-Joint Module

6* T-Joint Module

2* G Terminal Module

1* F Control Module

1* F Module Base

2* Mecanum Wheel

1* Mini-Universal Wheel

5* Snake Wheel for T

1* Snake Wheel for F

2* Biped Panel

1* Mic

1* Camera

1* Infrared Tracking Sensor

1* Sound Sensor

1* Gesture Detection Sensor

1* Color Sensor

1* LED Matrix

1* RGB Light

1* Ultrasonic Sensor

1* Remote Control Sensor

1* Sensor Controller

1* Sensor Plate (32*16)

1* Camera Fixing Plate (with Modular Buckle Interface)

1* Camera Fixing Sucker

1* F Map

1* Vision Experimental Map

3* Color Block

1* DC Charger

1* Camera Shelf

1* Acrylic Plate(30-40cm)

1* Wiring for Sensor Controller

6* Wiring for Sensors

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ModMi for Research - Design for Learning and Experimentation through Secondary Development.

The Desktop Modular Intelligent Robotic System is composed of an array of fundamental modules. These include joint modules, end effector modules, control modules, and additional auxiliary modules.

Each module is self-contained and features standardized mechanical and electrical interfaces. Connecting different modules can be achieved in a mere 3 seconds. This allows users to craft bespoke robotic systems tailored to their preferences, such as manipulators, bipedal walking robots, bipedal climbing robots, two-wheeled mobile robots, and autonomous mobile robots. The Mini Bot offers a diverse range of programming methods, encompassing teach-in programming, graphical programming, and code programming. By integrating AI, students' creativity and imaginative capacities can be effectively stimulated and nurtured.

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