Snapmaker Filter Cartridge for Air Purifier (2x)

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  • Snapmaker Filter Cartridge for Air Purifier (2x)
  • Efficient 5-layer filtration technology
  • Customized activated carbon filter
  • Ultra-dense HEPA H13 filters
  • Easy-to-replace cartridge design

The Snapmaker Filter Cartridge for Air Purifier (2x) is specifically designed for use with the Snapmaker 2.0, providing an efficient and effective solution for filtering emissions produced during laser engraving or 3D printing processes. This innovative filter cartridge combines five distinct layers of filtration technology into a single, easy-to-replace unit, ensuring optimal performance and convenience.

The first layer of the filter cartridge features a G4 filter, which is responsible for coarse filtration. This layer effectively captures larger particles and debris, preventing them from entering the subsequent filtration stages. The second layer, an F9 filter, provides finer filtration, capturing smaller particles and further enhancing the overall filtration efficiency.

The third layer of the filter cartridge is a customized activated carbon filter, specifically designed to absorb volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are commonly emitted during laser engraving and 3D printing processes. This layer not only helps to reduce unpleasant odors but also contributes to a healthier working environment.

The final two layers of the filter cartridge consist of ultra-dense HEPA H13 filters, which are designed to trap even the smallest airborne particles. These high-efficiency filters ensure that the air circulating within the workspace is clean and free from potentially harmful contaminants.

It is important to note that using the Air Purifier while printing with ABS or other thermo-sensitive filaments may result in poor printing quality. To avoid this issue, it is recommended to activate the Air Purifier only after the printing job has been completed.

The Snapmaker Filter Cartridge for Air Purifier (2x) is designed for easy replacement and has an approximate lifespan of three months, depending on usage. By incorporating this advanced filtration technology into the Snapmaker 2.0 system, users can enjoy a cleaner, safer, and more pleasant working environment during laser engraving and 3D printing projects.

  • 2x Snapmaker Filter Cartridge for Air Purifier
  • 191 x 229 x 308 mm

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